Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shortlisted for Travel Photographer Of The Year

I was notified this morning that my photo of Two Changjiao Miao girls playing with mirrors has been shortlisted in the international competition "Travel Photographer Of The Year"

 "Changjiao Miao girls"

In 2004 a photo of a young girl from the Hamer tribe in southern Ethiopia was selected as a judges` favourite and published in their book "Journey One"

                        " Hamar girl,  Omo valley Ethiopia"

These are the comments by Juliet Coombe, photojournalist, broadcaster and editor-Get Lost

"You feel the power of Africa through the eyes of this young girl`s brilliantly framed portrait.
The picture has a feel of the great master painters and yet brings a new way of looking at tribal imagery.
The gaze is owned by the African warrior and we as the viewer are forced into a position of respect and awe of a world that is vanishing from our daily lifes. The photographer has a clear understanding of story telling, incredible technical skill and an eye for the perfect moment".

The photograph was used by Fuji Digital in the launch of  the S9500 camera

The other image chosen for the book was taken  in New Guinea.
The photo has been featured in several magazines and web sites as well as winning the Grand Prize in the Toronto Star photo contest. The prize package included photo software, a printer, camera, and a trip for two people to the Cook Islands.

                                  "Baby in a billum bag"

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