Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drokpa Lady, Ladakh

I just posted this image on my web site today and it brought back some memories of a stressful morning in Ladakh.
I had been invited to a temporary home of this Drokpa lady and her young son who were attending the Ladakh festival. I had made previous arrangements through my guide to spend some time photographing her.
When I returned to my guest house I noticed that I was missing a wallet full of compact flash cards.
That afternoon we retraced my steps and returned to the home where she was staying.
She was not home, but her sister was looking after the young boy.
I had noticed while I was photographing his mother that he was playing next to my camera bag.
My guide talked to the young boy and asked if he had taken something out of my bag.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out the missing wallet. I gave him a small stuffed animal and with a sigh of relieve traded him for the compact flash cards.
The moral of the story is to check, and recheck everything, while on the road.

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