Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wind and Rain Bridge

I was taking photographs around the Chengyang "Wind and Rain Bridge" and was approached by a chinese film crew. They were doing a documentry about the bridge and asked me if I would act as a model for them.
Taken by surprise I asked them what they wanted me to do as there were lots of photogenic people dressed in their festival costumes.
They picked me as I was the only non-chinese person there and felt it would help to promote tourism.
I had to walk up the stone stairs and drink the road-blocking wine that they were pouring from large teapots.
The director showed me how he wanted me to do it and I watched as he proceeded under a large red ribbon.
Seemed pretty simple, but I had been told by my guide to just pretend to drink the rice wine, once you start, they will keep forcing you to drink more.
Needless to say, my movie debut was a success and I did it in one take.

Rice wine

The Director

The Dong people erect covered bridges with porches and pavilions which provide shelter even when it rains. The local people call these types of bridges by a beautiful name - 'Wind and Rain' bridges. Of them, the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge is the most famous.

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