Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Jumping Cat Monastery"

In Buddhist temples across Asia, cats are kept as mousers. In my neighbourhood, cats are kept to spend their days in my backyard. They scratch the windows and kill the chipmunks, not to mention using the yard as their private litter box.
Nga Phe Kyaung or "Jumping Cat Monastery" is located close to Ywama village  Inle Lake  Myanmar. The Monastery is wooden, built on stilts and the monks have trained their cats to jump (or leap) through hoops. Apart from the jumping cats, the monastery has a collection of Shan, Tibet, Bagan and Ava style ancient Buddha images. Sitting on the teak floor sipping cups of green tea, beams of light stream through the open windows, and the eyes of 64 golden Buddhas watch you from every angle.

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