Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thailand wants Buddha tattoo ban for tourists

Culture minister says tattoos deemed 'fashionable' by visitors seen by many Thais as offensive and disrespectful.
Tourists visiting Thailand should be barred from getting culturally insensitive Buddhist tattoos, the culture ministry says.
Niphit Intharasombat, the culture minister, said residents have complained that tattoo parlours are etching sacred images of Buddha and other religious images on to the skin of non-Buddhist visitors.
"Foreigners see these tattoos as fashion," Niphit said on the ministry's website.
They do not think of respecting religion, or they may not be aware that these tattoos can be offensive, he added.
Thailand is mostly Buddhist, and Buddha statues and images are considered sacred objects of worship.
Niphit said the culture ministry had asked Thai tattoo parlours to halt the activity.
According to the official news agency, NNT, he also asked provincial governors to "inspect tattoo studios and seek their co-operation".

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