Friday, November 4, 2011

Xingu Photo Gallery now posted

"Where Spirits Speak"

The ability to visit the Xingu Indian Reservation is contingent upon obtaining appropriate permits and a health certificate. My health certificate had to attest that I had all the necessary vaccinations needed, and that I had no contagious diseases. My certificate signed by a doctor said that I had been screened, and was immune to measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella. It also stated that I had a negative TB skin test.
It was also compulsory to have a yellow fever vaccination.
Within the remote reservations, however, FUNAI  restricts visits to villages. The Indians live protected by the FUNAI agency (National Indian Foundation) and have the right to use their land as they wish, forbidding entrance to whoever has not been invited by the tribe. A large part of the travel price will go to the Indian community for making the project possible. It will be paid directly to the tribe's chief. A two day drive from Cuiabá takes you to the airport at Canarana, from here it is about a 55 minute flight to the Waura village.
Please view the links page on the web site for details about the companies that arranged my travel.

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